Senior commissioning manager
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Senior commissioning manager
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We started looking for Senior Commissioning Manager for our Investment Projects Management Department team in Moscow. Main duties:
- Develop and implement guidelines and regulations for pre-commissioning management and availability plans based on the results of investment (capital) projects (mining projects, processing and metallurgical projects, LNG production projects). - Participate in the selection of the contract model (including EPC) during the implementation of capital projects, specify standard conditions of interaction and information exchange at the commissioning stage
- Arrange and carry out supervision at the stage of design and manufacture of equipment and construction, define the necessary and sufficient measures to start the facility and ensure the implementation of availability plans. - Determine and make sure that PMOs observe standard requirements to setup of calendar schedules and activity charts for the commissioning activities of commissioning organizations. - Arrange the preparation of analytical materials on the investment project portfolio concerning commissioning works progress and drafting availability plans. - Review the materials on investment project initiatives and capital projects submitted to the Investment Sub-Committee/Investment Committee. - Organize and control interaction with operations services to prepare the facility for start-up. - Participate in defining functional requirements to the development of digital tools (including planning and control of commissioning, engineering workflow in terms of operational documentation). - Develop Centers of Competence for commissioning and preparation of operational availability plans in PMOs. - Organize training on the commissioning management methodology and tools.
Required professional knowledge: - Experience in planning and monitoring the implementation of commissioning activities (comprehensive and individual tests, start in working environments) for the mining and metallurgical facilities and/or in related industries in the field of mining and processing of minerals. - Experience in supporting the adjustment supervision of equipment for mining and metallurgical facilities and/or related industries in the field of mining and processing of minerals. - Knowledge of cutting edge technologies in the field of process automation in the mining and metallurgical industry and/or related industries related to mining and processing of minerals. - Knowledge of existing federal standards and rules regulating activities in the sphere of mining and processing of minerals. - Skills to quickly and efficiently solve tasks, manage changes and cross-functional interactions. - Skills to manage the team, motivate and develop employees. - Skills to assess risks during commissioning and operation of the facility (HAZOP). - Skills to assess, plan and control investment expenditures.
Preferred work experience:
- Experience in carrying out commissioning activities at mining and metallurgical facilities and in related industries in the field of mining and processing of minerals following the implementation of projects worth over 1 billion rubles each, at least 2 projects. - Experience in working with FEED-organizations, design companies, manufacturers, construction contractors and commissioning organizations. - Experience in using and launching standalone devices for further operation. - Knowledge of the tools for setup of calendar schedules and activity charts for commissioning activities. - Command of English and Russian.
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